Loan Referral Program Instructions


Confidential - Not for Public Distribution

For the exclusive use of Fairfax County Federal Credit Union Employees and Loan Referral Program Participants



Thank you for doing business with Fairfax County Federal Credit Union. FCFCU has been serving the Fairfax County community since 1958. Our commitment to the well-being of our members and our not-for-profit structure drive our success in providing exceptional financial service.

We are pleased that you have chosen FCFCU to serve your clients and we are grateful for your trust in us to meet the needs of your business. Thank you.

For any questions about our programs or to discuss a scenario, contact:

George Matthews (NMLS #463622) Business Development Officer, 703-218-9900 ext. 1136 or 703-477-8647.

Shelly Sisson, Processing Manager, and 703-218-9900 ext. 1123 or 202-507-1735.

Bill Cook, Vice President for Processing and Administration, and 703-218-9900 ext. 1190 or 703-300-8146.


Fairfax County Federal Credit Union's Loan Referral Program currently offers Home Equity (2nd Trust) products for properties in Virginia, D.C., Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

  • 10 Year Balloon Home Equity Loan with 30 Year Amortization - Fixed Rate
  • 15 Year Home Equity Loan – Fixed Rate
  • 20 Year Home Equity Loan – Fixed Rate
  • 30 Year Easy Payment Home Equity Line of Credit – Variable Rate

Maximum loan amount for all products is $300,000. Lower limits may apply for lower credit score tiers.

All loans have Principal and Interest payments. FCFCU does not offer Interest-Only products.

Product prices and LTV limits are based on the borrower's Equifax credit score. We will pull our own credit report.

Note: We only finance primary residences and second homes. The maximum combined loan-to-value (CLTV) for a second home is 50%. We do not finance investment properties.

FCFCU generally makes 2nd trust loans in conjunction with most 1st mortgages but not Interest Only or Negative Amortization Loans.

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Once the 1st mortgage loan is approved, download, complete, and email these forms to

OR, you can send an email to with this information:

  • Borrowers names, emails, phone numbers
  • Home Equity product and amount requested
  • Scheduled Closing Date
  • Title company contact information

Important: You will be contacted by your Loan Processor with instructions for uploading the required documents to a secure folder. You may also fax documents to 703-591-4168.

Please submit the following documents:

  1. Forms 1003 and 1008 with the loan amount requested
  2. Full Appraisal
  3. Desktop Underwriter (DU) Findings
  4. Loan Estimate (Good Faith Estimate)
  5. IDs of all borrowers

Note: We only lend to US Citizens and Permanent Residents but we accept the H1B-1 Visa only if they have the 797A Notice of Action-Approved. Other visas may also be accepted.

  1. Proof of Income:
  • 30 days of pay stubs within 60 days of closing (e.g. if paid monthly, 1 pay stub; 2 pay stubs if paid biweekly; 4 if paid weekly - all dated within 60 days of the closing date)
  • Previous two years of W2s
  • Written Verification of Employment (WVOE)
  • SELF-EMPLOYED – two years of personal and business TAX RETURNS with all schedules, K1’s and 1099s (if applicable)
  • SELF-EMPLOYED - two years of personal and business TAX TRANSCRIPTS
  1. Lease agreement (if rental property is owned)

Note: We calculate 75% of rent payments received as income. We will also apply the full mortgage payment as a debt.

  1. Sales contract for a Purchase – Include the Ratification Date
  2. Sales contract or HUD if current property will be sold or was sold
  3. Title search showing FCFCU as proposed insured. Title insurance is required for all of our 2nd trust loans.
  4. Borrower(s) email address
  5. For Home Equity Fixed Rate Loans ONLY – Home Owners Insurance premium, Home Owners Association dues, Title Company fees, and Title Company contact information
  6. Current unencumbered NMLS number of the referring Loan Officer
  7. Please email with any questions or status inquiries.



  1. Home Owners Insurance - Fairfax County FCU must be added as 2nd Mortgage. Dwelling amount must cover the “Estimated Cost - New” on the appraisal or the “Building” Value on the Tax Assessment. Mortgagee Clause is:
Fairfax County FCU ISAOA/ATIMA
PO Box 1300
Fairfax VA 22038


  1. Membership accounts must be opened and funded at least 5 days prior to closing. Our Loan Processor will assist the borrowers with membership, but you may direct them to:

Note: If borrowers do not otherwise qualify for membership they may qualify by making a donation to Lynbrook Elementary School PTA in order to become members. Details are online.

  1. Wire instructions
  2. Collect last and most recent pay stubs
  3. Approved HUD for the 1st and 2nd Trust – obtain from the Title Company on the date of closing or a day prior to closing



  1. Final Form 1003 signed by Loan Officer and Borrowers
  2. 2nd Trust documents signed by Borrowers at closing must be sent to:
Fairfax County FCU
Attention: Post Closing
4201 Members Way
Fairfax VA 22030


  1. Ensure that all of the Borrowers receive their copies at closing. Do not send Borrowers’ copies to the Credit Union.



  1. An origination fee of $99 and flood certification fee of $20 will be collected from the net proceeds of the loan at disbursement.
  2. Membership is required for all borrowers. Borrowers are eligible for membership in FCFCU if they live, work, regularly conduct business in, worship, attend school or volunteer in Fairfax County.
    • To otherwise qualify for membership, borrowers may become a sustaining member of one of two Title 1 Schools supported by the Credit Union: Lynbrook Elementary School PTA or Herndon Elementary PTA. Initial membership dues are $10.
    • An FCFCU membership account consists of a Prime Share Account with a minimum balance of $5. Our Loan Processor will contact the borrowers directly to assist with their membership so please make sure you include their email address and best phone numbers.
  3. Turnaround time for Home Equity Lines of Credit is 3 weeks; Home Equity Loans (Fixed rate) require 4 weeks. But we will meet your closing date, so let us know what you need!
  4. Please provide only what is requested here. We don’t require Assets, Bank Statements, Credit Reports and Reserves, unless specifically requested during the FCFCU underwriting process.


*FCFCU NMLS# 401513