Reloadable and Gift Cards

Visa Gift Card

Give the gift that fits any occasion with a gift card from FCFCU.

  • To purchase a VISA Gift Card, the fee is $4.95.
  • Minimum purchase amount is $25.00.
  • Visit one of our branches to purchase a card 
  • To activate your gift card click here.

FAQs about the Visa Gift Card

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Visa Reloadable Card

Your reloadable card is a Visa card, which looks similar to a Visa debit card with the Visa trademark and hologram. Merchants accept the reloadable card just as they accept the Visa debit card. However, the reloadable card is not in any way affiliated with your checking account. The reloadable card allows you to access only the amount that has been funded on the card. When you make a purchase with your reloadable card, the purchase amount is deducted from the card balance.

  • To purchase a Reloadable Card, the fee is $5.95.
  • Minimum purchase amount is $100.00.
  • Visit one of our branches to purchase a card or click HERE to order your Reloadable Card online.

​ FAQs about the Reloadable Visa Gift Card