Government Shutdown Assistance


If your pay has been impacted due to the Government Shutdown you may qualify for financial assistance.

Here are your options:

1. Defer your loan payments1 - You can defer your loan payments up to 3 months on personal and auto loans. Click here to complete the loan deferral form. 

2. Government Shut Down Assistance Loan2 - Receive up to a $7,500 loan for a 3-month term, at 0.00%APR based on your direct deposit history to the credit union. There are no fees, or interest charges associated with this loan. No credit check is required for qualification purposes to minimize credit score impact. Please contact us at 703.218.9900 opt. 3 to apply for this loan.

3. Visa Platinum Credit Card Holders3 - There is no minimum payment requirement for the December and January statement cycle, which means you are not required to make a payment until March.  Interest will still be accruing. Please contact us at 703.218.9900 opt. 3, if you have any questions regarding your credit card payments.

4. Skip a Payment on your Loan – If you do not qualify for the above options and still require assistance with making loan payments, we are currently offering you the opportunity to skip up to two payments on certain loans for a fee of $30. Click here for details, terms and conditions.

5. Others Affected by the Shutdown: If you are not a government employee, but are affected by the shutdown please contact us directly at 703.218.9900 opt 3, to discuss other options.

Government Shutdown financial assistance options are valid until further notice and may be cancelled at any time.


1 Your account must be in good standing with no negative balances and all loans must be paid as agreed with a minimum of 12 consecutive on-time payments.  Interest will continue to accrue during the deferral period, extending the original term and increasing the finance charges.  Once the furlough ends and your next payroll deposit is received, you must resume with your next scheduled payment; even if you had requested for it to be deferred. Real Estate Loans, student loans, overdraft protection plans, and Visa credit cards: If you have real estate, student, overdraft protections or Visa credit card loans with Fairfax County FCU, you will need to speak with a representative to determine if you qualify for a deferral.To determine your eligibility please contact us at 703.218.9900 opt. 3.

2 APR =  Annual Percentage Rate.  Eligible loan amount = up to one month’s net pay ($7,500.00 maximum) from a qualifying agency.  Furlough letter and verification of income required.  Once direct deposit of pay resumes, the amount of your loan will be automatically deducted from your account as repayment.    Ex: A $7,500 Government Shutdown Loan with a 0.00 % APR and a 3-month repayment term would be 3 monthly payments of $2,500.00 each. 

3 Please note that credit card holders who are late on their payments do not qualify for the payment exclusion for the December and January statement cycles. If the shutdown is extended and you are experiencing difficulty with  making your monthly payments, please contact us so we can discuss your options.