Frequently Used Forms

These convenient forms below, can be easily downloaded by:

  1. Right-clicking the link you need
  2. Selecting 'save as' in the resulting menu
  3. Choosing where you want to save the file and downloading it
  4. Printing files with the free Adobe Acrobat ReaderOff-Site Link
  5. Mail forms to: 
    Fairfax County Federal Credit Union
    PO Box 1300
    Fairfax, VA 22038 or
  6. Stop by any of our branch locations



Automatic Transfer Authorization Form

Change of Address / Phone / Email

Credit Card Closure Request Form

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Incoming Wire Instructions

Herndon and Lynbrook Sustaining Membership Form

Maintenance Account Card

Existing Member Account Application

Opt In / Out Form

Stop Payment Request & Postdated Item Notice

VISA® Auto Pay Form

VISA® Auto Pay Cancellation Form

Wire Transfer Request