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2016 - $1,000 FCFCU Video Competition Scholarship Winners!


2016 - $1,000 Video Competition Scholarship Winners!

Thank you to all our young members who submitted creative videos depicting their appreciation of credit unions. Our voting process included posting the videos on our Facebook page and asking members to “like” the ones most relevant to the credit union movement.  In addition, a credit union judging panel selected the two they felt were most creative and innovative. Two students were selected by Facebook voters, and two were selected by the credit union judging panel (two high school aged and two college aged). The ones with the most “likes” in each age category on Facebook will be awarded $1,000 Scholarships, while an additional two $1,000 Scholarships (one in each age category) will be awarded based on our credit union judging panel selections.  

The winners are:

College Category

  1. Alieh Shaban – most Facebook Likes
  2. Penelope Tangamu – Judge’s Vote

High School Category

  1. David Fiumano – most Facebook Likes
  2. Michael Fiumano – Judge’s Vote

Congratulations to all the winners!

*The winners will be contacted by credit union staff to claim their prizes.

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